Today’s LOL: Samuel L. Jackson Attacks News Anchor For Thinking He’s Laurence Fishburne

KTLA entertainment anchor Sam Rubin mistakenly asked Samuel L. Jackson about a Super Bowl commercial… he, uh, wasn’t in.

The anchor mistook Jackson for Laurence Fisburne, another Black actor, fueling an unapologetic rant from the movie star about how Rubin must think all Black people look alike.  Jackson doesn’t answer a single interview question, he just continues to come down on Rubin who awkwardly tries to laugh it off. We’re sorry, Rubin, but it’s hilarious.

Seriously. You don’t f**k with Samuel L. Jackson.

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34 thoughts on “Today’s LOL: Samuel L. Jackson Attacks News Anchor For Thinking He’s Laurence Fishburne

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  2. People confuse actors for other actors all the time, white and black. Sammy, quit being a puss.
    That being said…. Those two dudes look nothing alike so, you’re an idiot Mr. Rubin.

  3. I’ve mistaken Sammy J. and Lawrence F. many times. The look a like and they act alike. For a while, they were my favorite actor. I thought he was really diverse but he turned out to be them, funny.

    ps, I thought he was great in Hancock. haha

  4. That was funny. Sam Jackson was obviously having some fun with the guy and didn’t seem angry at all. Everyone is loosing their minds over this thing. The reporter made an honest, albet, a careless one, and Jackson was playing with him. I doubt Jackson was upset at all. Maybe a little surprised that the entertainment reporter got the two actors mixed up. Lighten up people.

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  6. i’m not saying all black people look the same but i do think they look a little bit like eachother but i’d never mistake one for the other

  7. I’m not good at remembering which celebrity is which either, but even I know the difference between Jackson and Fishburn. If I were in Jackson’s shoes I’d be pretty upset too. All in all, that Hollywood reporter isn’t a racist, but he is really bad at his job!

  8. It is typical of news anchors/reporters always getting things ass backwards, I wish You people are always over exaggerating, Mr. Jackson DID NOT ATTACK THE DUMB ANCHOR. He CORRECTED him, and I am glad he was called out and red beet faced embarrassed. Typical of the white media. I bet if it were some white actor, he would know who was who because they are white and they Know their own, since we all seem to look alike. I don’t care if anyone gets mad at my comment…….. who is going to check me boo??? Or shall I say ATTACK me……. ahahahahahhhh.

  9. Yeah he made a common error out to be a raging racial issue. If i was the caster i would have said ” I would have understood it if your raging reaction was due to me mistaking lawrence for you- you fucking asshole because Lawrence is a decent guy.”

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